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  • NiceHome automations and accessories are tested every day in the Nice laboratories according to strict criteria. To ensure compliance with the strictest safety requirements on the market, Nice guarantees the highest possible technological and quality standards. All kits have a 3 year warranty.



  • Designed in Italy, Nice automations benefit from unique Italian know-how combining top performance with an essential style to adapt perfectly to the needs of your home.



  • With NiceHome solutions, you can improve your comfort simply and manage gate, garage door and rolling shutter automations with a click, without even getting out of your car. Coloured transmitters for the whole family, to each his or her own!



  • The optional SoleKit solar power system lets you adapt installation of your NiceHome automations simply and without wires, in full respect of the environment. Electricity will be a distant memory!



  • The complete NiceHome range enables you to find the most suitable solution for your needs. You can optimise the installation and add an extra touch to the design of your home with the additional accessories. NiceHome automations are also compatible with the Mhouse range of accessories.


NiceHome Maestro 200 installer friendly 24v swing gate opener double kit, for use with gate leaves up to 2.2m in length OR 250kg in weight. Recommended for large gates with light wood or PVC structure.

Designed for fast, simple and cost-efficient installation – ensuring you are satisfied with the results!



  • Fast: The gate can be opened and closed in just 8 seconds*
  • Quick and Simple Wiring: The ECSBus system allows for connecting up devices such as photocells, flashing lights and more using just two wires!
  • Convenient: Optional battery back-up allows for operation during a blackout and guarantees ten opening and closing manoeuvres (PR300 model)
  • Precise:  Automatic calibration of the motor according to gate for improved resistance and optimised safety
  • Environmentally-friendly: The Maestro gate kits are compatible with the SoleKit solar power kit and wireless accessories line
  • Compatibility: The NiceHome range replaces the previous MHouse range of automation equipment and accessories.
  • 3 Year Warranty

*For 90° opening and a weight of 50kg, excluding acceleration and deceleration



  • 1 x MAESTRO200C – Articulated gate arm with built-in electronics
  • 1 x MAESTRO200M – Articulated gate arm
  • 1 x FL200 – Positionable LED light with built-in aerial
  • 1 x PH200 – Pair of wall-mounted self-synchronised photocells
  • 1 x ECCO5WO – Transmitter for gates and garage doors
  • 1 x ECCO5BO – Transmitter for gates and garage doors

NiceHome Maestro 200

505,78 €Cena

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